Organogram of HOCRAM

The organization structure of this membership has an Executive Committee or decision-making body who transact business on behalf of the members and this body reports to the General Assembly. Each Executive Member plays a unique role in the management of the organization.


Hope Care Rescue Mission cover the whole country and we have regional coordinators who identify and assess of the needs of the various under served groups of people and also offer them psycho-social support. Through these structures, referrals are made for further support at national level based on the beneficiary needs.


In addition, social media calls have always attracted Good Samaritans who offer to provide basic support to the individual survivors.

HOCRAM derives her funding from individual well-wishers, donations and grants for all her operations.


  • The organization is legally registered with Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  • We have managed to put up a survivor’s support center where we have a rescue home, an office with office equipment for example computers, printers, post office address, website, social media accounts, Books of accounts and an administrator among others.
  • The organization has a bank account in Equity Bank Kawempe Branch.
  • During lock-down the organization supported over 50 survivors with food relief and financial support to enable them put a plate of food on their tables as part of our emergency response program.
  • The organization has supported over 120 people in hospital with nutritional support, medical dressings and orthopedic items and also supported 8 survivors with reconstructive surgeries since 2017.
  • We have reached out to over 150 people in their homes through our home-based care support and supported them with spiritual counseling, psychosocial support and basic needs.
  • We have sensitized the public about the problem of burns violence in our various advocacy programs on TVs, radios, in newspaper and also engaged key stakeholders such as Uganda Human Rights Commission, UN office of Human Rights, Women Rights Defenders, NGO’s, Higher Institutions of learning and churches to fight against domestic violence and gender based violence.
  • We have partnered with two organizations that is Mercy Link Foundation Africa and Life Empowerment Foundation who have supported us to uplift the lives of underserved population to with nutritional support and basic needs.


  • Limited funds: we have been constrained financially and this has affected our activities.
  • The government has failed to put into consideration the needs of underserved groups of people.
  • There is increasing number of victims of acid abuse in this due to domestic violence, land wrangles, political rivalry and socio-economic issues.

Future Plan

  • The organization plans to continue Sensitizing the community on burns prevention, HIV prevention through use of radios, Televisions, and other behavioral communication approaches to reduce stigma and influence law makers to pass laws to that put into consideration the needs of the underserved population.
  • Continue to offer psychosocial, legal advice and relief support to the underserved to enable them live a positive life.
  • The organization plans to continue engaging different stake holders at different levels to achieve its mission of bringing hope, empowerment, improved living conditions and dignity to the underserved groups of people.
  • Plans to continue writing proposals to corporate companies, funding agencies and individual funders to enables us implement our activities in time.
  • Carryon with advocacy to amend acid bill so that victims get easy representation, limit access to acid and human rights organizations and policy makers to achieve this.

For any support to HOCRAM please feel free to contact us.