Balikudembe Godfrey aged 25 was attacked at the age of 22 in 2019 with acid by unknown person. He was sleeping during day time while it was raining, he heard someone calling him outside and when he opened the door, the person he didn’t recognize just poured acid on him and took off. He sustained severe injuries, his eyes were damaged, the nostril also got damaged, the mouth lost shape and lost his left ear. He was treated but remained with severe complications which required extensive surgeries. He reached out to us, we started a fundraiser people responded and in March early 2022, We helped Godfrey to undergo two surgeries: one to cover the damaged eye and mouth and the second surgery to release the neck.


Godfrey’s condition was worse, He was facing social isolation from his family members and the community, no one wanted to associate with him due to his scaring appearance, he could not saw off his face, eating was a big problem, the pain in eye was unbearable and could not turn his neck but after surgery the pain reduced, he could not eat without anyone noticing what was in his mouth, his appearance has changed and now he feels he can move out freely. He lost his father and now doesn’t have a home because his mother chased him away.
Right now we are working to find ways on how we can help to empower Godfrey economically so that he can be able to sustain himself.