Child support program is very essential in times where children are victims of violence or they are burns survivors or victims whose parents died due to acid attack or burns violence and ended up as orphans. Some of these children need someone to look at as a mother or father and as HOCRAM we decided to be a family where hope for such children can start from.

These children all they need is to be loved and our child support partners have worked with us tirelessly to enable these children have a better life.

Baby Mukisa’s mum Nansubuga Shamim died in 2020 due to severe injuries which she sustained in an acid attack. She was burnt by her husband and father of the two children. The father of the children took off and was never sentenced. At the time of her death, Baby Mukisa was just 2 years and and her little brother was just 9 months. She left these two children in HOCRAM’s care. We agreed with the family to do our best to give the little children the best starting from basic needs and taking them to school.

In 2021, We managed to put Baby Mukisa in school together with the support of well wishers and is now in top class. we believe her brother too will join school and all other children suffering due to the loss of their parents in such heinous crimes.