We provide training to survivors in craft making.  Programs have included: This program

Socio-Economic Project 2023 (Tailoring training)1.0 Project Overview:The tailoring project started on 15th February 2023 with the support from our funders Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) an organization whose sole purpose is to end acid violence globally. The discussions to support the project started in November 2022 and ASTI agreed to support 2 survivors to undergo tailoring2.0 Project Goal:The tailoring project aimed at empowering survivors with employability skills for sustainability to enable them become self-reliant and live with dignity.ASTI agreed to sponsor fully 8 survivors to undergo through training and support them with training materials and sewing machines. The activity involved identifying survivors to benefit directly from the project. 8 acid attack survivors were selected.  After identification, the survivors were given a chance to choose their own trainers from their own communities where they can feel comfortable. The main aim of training them from their communities was to enable them get used to the community members thus reintegrating them back in their communities. On 15th February 2023 the project started and HOCRAM team  conducted assessments, took the survivors through the entire process and asked for their consent. and and have a meeting the trainers to find out if they were eligible to train them and get more information about them. The project started in February. we started with 3 survivors by the names of Jamida , Shamim and Hamida who completed their training in the month of September and the 2nd batch started in October and will end their course in May 2024



Tailoring Training 2021. This project was funded by University Chapter of Cincinnati under RISE Coalition.Skilling Project .This project involved categorizing survivors in 3 groups that is; weaving, jewelry an shoe making. 25 survivors were trained in total and provided with start up materials at the end of the project. The project was funded by Foundation Pro Victimis, Switzerland in 2017

Business training project: This project aimed at equipping survivors of acid and burns violence skills on how to start and run business effectively and become self-reliant.