Hope Care Rescue Mission (HOCRAM) stands by its values of Love, Hope, Humanity and Inclusiveness to stand with the under served victims. We bring you personal accounts of some of the victims in our care around Uganda.

Other Survivors

Muhoza Elizabeth aged 20 years was attacked in 2019 by her ex–boyfriend. The cause of the attack was her objection to relinquish custody of their kid after their separation.

Kawesa Simon 45 a father of 8 and a resident of Kawempe-Tulla in Kampala was attacked with acid together with his wife. Unfortunately his wife died a few weeks in hospital after the attack. Simon got severe burns all over the body.

Kisakye Blendin Meline aged 3 years was burnt in 2018 at only 1 year of age by someone who had grudges with the mother. Blendin sustained severe injuries; a disfigured face and a disabled hand.

Sadam Mayanja was attacked with acid by his friend with whom he was working in an electronic business. The perpetrator has never been found to-date. The attack left Sadam with a stiff neck which he’s unable to turn. He also has painful scars and lost his job. Sustaining himself is a big problem.

Yasin Lukwago aged 36 a resident of Buikwe District was burnt by his jealousy second wife when he married a third wife! He lost sight, became completely disabled and unable to do anything for himself to support his nine children. He needs various reconstructive surgeries and financial support to take care of his children.

Nasozi Lydia from Kyakwanzi District was burnt by her sister over land issues. The sister hired someone to burn the house. She was rescued and rushed to hospital.

Baby Samuel was born unlucky. The mother has a mental problem and was raped by a gang. She rejected the baby, refused to breast feed him or take care of him and later on burnt the mattress where baby Samuel was sleeping and he sustained injuries. We supported baby Samuel in hospital and managed to get him a sponsor willing to look after him.

Aineya a resident of Hoima District was burnt by an unidentified person while he was taking a shower in an outside bathroom in the night. The acid attack left him disfigured without sight. 

Medi a shoemaker was burnt by his jealousy friend with whom he was working. This was because he could attract more customers than his friend in the business. The attack left him partially blind with one ear.

While in hospital Medi met a lady acid victim who lost sight and also became disfigured with whom they became friends. When they were discharged back to their homes, the lady victim was unfortunately chased from home by her relatives because of her physical appearance. Medi rescued her by taking her to his parents home. Years later they became husband and wife with 3 kids now.

Baby Whitney of 2 years together with his brother picked a bottle of soda in the compound thinking it contained soda. When Whitney grabbed the bottle from his brother, the content splashed on her. The bottle contained acid not soda. We supported her both in and after hospital.

Florence Nalubega was attacked with acid by her husband in 1991 when she was still working in the Ministry of Works and Transport. The attack left her blind and changed her life completely. It has been very difficult for her to look after the children but we have managed to support her.

Charles Ssebowa a resident of Kyegera in Kampala was burnt by an unknown person together with wife and two children. The wife died on spot and the two children died after two weeks in hospital. We have counseled him and he has regained hope.

Judith Mweyugye was burnt by her step son over family conflicts. The perpetrator was arrested and prosecuted. Judith lost sight, has a stiff neck and her breasts are joined. She needs surgeries to release the breasts and the neck.

Vasta Tumwesigye was burnt with acid by his son in-law for unknown reason. Immediately after burning her, he poured petrol on her and lit a match box to finish her. He took off and left her burning. Her right hand was cut off and she sustained severe injuries but she’s now healed with scars.

Agnes was burnt together with her husband and children. Unfortunately, the husband died, the two children got injuries and she also sustained minor injuries. HOCRAM has been supporting her with food items.

Silvia Nambirige was attacked by the father of her two children after having domestic disagreements which forced her to leave the home. He came to her seeking for forgiveness and thinking that the two have reconciled; when she was entering her house to pick the belongings to return to their home with the man, he instead poured acid on her and took off. She has healed but needs financial support to pay school fees for her two children.

Namutebi Hamida was attacked by an unknown person in 2007. The attack left her disfigured resulting to people laughing at her. She has now managed to learn to cope up with her identity cause of our psychosocial support. She sells fresh food and charcoal to survive and she would like to be supported with financial capital to boost her business.

Grace is also an acid attack survivor; she has learnt to live a positive life. She is a mother as well as a business woman and she needs capital to boost her business to enable her take care of her children including paying their school fees.

Twesigye Deus was burnt with acid by his jealousy girlfriend. The attack left Deus disfigured. He has one leg and he lost his job. His prayer is to get what to do for survival like a job or capital to start a business.

Sharifa aged 21 was burnt by a secret admirer whose proposal she rejected. She is beyond recognition, she is partially blind, with one ear and the two breasts got burnt too. Together with a friend we helped her to pay for surgery, bought her pressure garments and neck collar but she still needs more surgeries and capital to start a small business to sustain her.