The birth of HOCRAM is as a result of several challenging experiences of the founding members who happen to be victims of violence (socio-economic, community, domestic and political violence). Due to increasing abuse of the right to life through use of acid and other burning fluids, victims of such attacks face various challenges that are life threatening to; deaths, severe burns, physical impairment (partial/ permanent), mental health, community stigma and loss of livelihoods. Most of the cases are as a result of gender-based violence in nature and the perpetrators aim at not only harming but also killing. In most cases victims end up losing their lives and for the lucky survivors they end up with burn scars, with permanent impairment for the rest of their lives. It is through such experiences and stigma that HOCRAM was found to give life support and hope to victims of such attacks.”

Based on experiences challenges faced by victims of abuse do not start and end in hospital but also extend in society where the reality of life is seen and felt.
There is overwhelming need for care and support including; Palliative, psychosocial, medical, Orthopedic and spiritual support to victims of violence especially those attacked with acid burns or other forms of violence. Many of whom are faced with disabilities, those people who develop disabilities later in life to enable them live positively in their societies.”

  • Support advocate for the full implementation on specific laws such as acid laws, work safety laws, rights and inclusion of under served population to ensure they are respected, compensated and considered so as to bring about a desired change in all discriminating laws, policies, practices and attitudes
  • Need to provide emergency response support to rescue and support people involved in fire accidents, those involved in intentional burns with safe homes.
  • Need to provide the survivors and the affected with basic needs; food, medical support, medical ware, orthopedic tools in emergency situations.
  • There is growing need to create awareness, increase knowledge on burns prevention and reduce stigma to the victims of violence in society.
  • Growing need for community support services that help mitigate the dangers of rights abuse among the more at-risk populations (Truckers, Zero discordant couples, fisher folk, boda boda riders, out of school youth, PLWHA’s OVC on terms of sexual relationships through promotion of behavioral change approaches.
  • Need for rehabilitation services to the victims and education tailored to the needs of people who developed disabilities later in life.
  • Work with development partners to fill gaps and reduce duplication of works in line with victims of rights abuse and provide lasting solutions to access associated services.
  • Empower and support victims with life skills for sustainable livelihoods and self-dependency among survivors of abuse.
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination among the under served groups of people through regular sensitization, Psycho social and spiritual support to enhance self-esteem and increase productivity.